Priva FS Performance 4.0

Now available: the new FS Performance software version

Priva FS Performance 4.0 brings you interesting new features such as the ability to copy dashboards from other users and remove and restore employees who are not currently active. The API link available in FS Performance has been enhanced to allow you to share data from your FS Performance system with your own IT department or a third party.

Also new is the ability to do labor and production tracking with the Activity app that can be installed on a standard tablet.

In addition to these new features, the update is important to keep your systems up to date. For example, version 4.0 includes the SQL 2019 update. Each new release contributes to the security and performance of your systems.

Your benefits

Up-to-date system
By installing the new version, you can take advantage of new features and your systems will be up to date with the latest security and reliability updates.
Copy dashboards
Use dashboards that your colleagues have already created. Everyone can see the same information.
Remove and reactivate employees
Employees who are no longer active can be easily removed from FS Performance. Of course, their data remains in the database. What is new is that deleted employees can now be easily reactivated.
Share data via API connections
Operational data can easily be made available via a standard API interface.
Track labor and production with the Activity app
Buy your own tablet and use it to easily register labor and production.
New features

New features

Copy Dashboards

A commonly used feature of FS Performance is dashboards. From the dashboard, the user has real-time insight into the result, performance or progress of an activity for a specific group of employees. Each user can create one or more dashboards and decide what to display.
New in FS Performance version 4.0 is the ability to copy existing dashboards from other users.


Record labor and production with the Activity app (optional)

You can now use the new Activity app to let employees record their labor and production. This app is designed to be installed on a tablet and is suitable for Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. The Activity app can be used by several employees to log in and out and record breaks, as well as to record activity, location and trolley or container used.


Easily delete and reactivate employees

Every employee working in the company is also known in FS Performance. When employees leave the company, the employee list can become cluttered with employees who are no longer active. To keep the list tidy, you can now easily delete employees. Of course, the registrations of these employees remain in the FS Performance database. If they return to the company at a later date, they can easily be reactivated.

Share data via (API) connections

FS Performance data can easily be used in other systems or shared with third parties. Priva offers several universal connections (APIs) to unlock both operational and consolidated data from the FS Performance databases. In FS Performance version 4.0 these capabilities have been extended even further.



Installation & system requirements

FS Performance version 4.0 (including the update to SQL version 2019) can be installed on your premises by Priva. Older versions of FS Performance can also be upgraded to version 4.0.

The system requirements for the installation of the new software are:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Windows Server 2016 or higher

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