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  • Minimum consumption of energy

  • Maximum reuse of water

Potted plants: everything must be right for good crop planning

Planning is a crucial for a potted plant grower: the plants must reach a certain size and quality by a predetermined time. The wide variety of crops presents an additional challenge.  With phalaenopsis, for instance, a whole greenhouse compartment will be full of plants at the same stage of growth. In the case of green plants, however, different species are often placed together, each with their own climate requirements.

In a greenhouse containing crops in different stages or crops of different varieties, the grower can still make a difference by adjusting the water dosage in each valve section to the needs or the stage of the crop in question. Priva’s irrigation software is highly distinctive in this respect. With the Valve Wizard it is child's play to enter specific crop requirements for each section. In addition, the water management is perfectly capable of dealing with the changing recipes for each crop or stage of growth.

The fact that Priva has its own complete line of water systems means that it is also possible to perfectly harmonize water management, climate control and energy management with each other. Disinfection, for instance with the Vialux M-Line, is an indispensable tool when reusing irrigation water.

The integrated systems make it easy to control by temperature, light sum, length of day, air humidity and water dosage. In this way, Priva helps to implement the crop planning with a minimum consumption of energy and a maximum reuse of water.

Easy operation

Ease of use is a constant factor in all Priva software. Anyone who opts for Priva is choosing quality and service. Virtually any requirement a grower may have can be entered, and we also keep in touch after delivery to find out whether everything is going according to plan. In addition, a global service network ensures that any problems can be resolved quickly.

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