Bell pepper grower Pleun Verheul

Pepper grower Pleun Verheul about TopCrop Monitor

Over a year ago pepper grower Pleun Verheul became an active participant in the Priva TopCrop Monitor pilot project.

  • Focuses on the plant as the starting point

  • Continuous insight into crop activity

  • New control instrument to improve the regulation of your settings

  • Higher yield per square meter

  • Expert and committed support to help get you started


Pleun Verheul is the owner of pepper nursery PP Verheul, in 's-Gravenzande in The Netherlands. The greenhouse, covering an area of 4 hectares, grows its majority of the crop on perlite. The goal of PP Verheul is to continuously surprise the consumer with freshness of the product and peppers of the best quality. 


Priva TopCrop Monitor allows growers to adjust their cultivation actions based on what happens inside the plant, instead of what happens with environmetal factors around the plant. The steering instrument visualizes the crop activity based on the analysis of the evaporation of the plant. With the infrared camera, which measures the temperature of the crop with sensors, the TopCrop Monitor compares the temperature of the crop with the temperature in the greenhouse.


TopCrop Monitor allowed Pleun Verheul to measure crop activity in real time and control accordingly. This eventually resulted in a smaller leaf, a good fruit size and higher production.