Water means life; healthy water means your crops will grow. When the bicarbonate content of your irrigation water is too high, the water will require pre-treatment. Reducing these high levels of bicarbonate in the water allows you to reliably control the subsequent EC and pH levels. This results in a stable pH from the fertilizer dosing unit down to the roots and enables the plants to absorb the fertilizers more efficiently.
  • Stable pH from the fertilizer dosing unit down to the roots

  • Improving growth, taste and vitality

  • Healthy growth of your crops

The Priva Neutralizer removes bicarbonate from borehole, surface (rain) and mains water. As a result of a combination of acidification and aeration, you can reduce the bicarbonate concentration to the desired maximum value of 0.3 - 0.5 mmol/l. This keeps the pH stable, and because of the stable EC and pH, the plant is better able to absorb minerals and elements such as zinc, boron, iron and copper; substances that are essential for optimal growth of the plant and for improving the taste and vitality of the crop.

Reducing the bicarbonate with the Priva Neutralizer makes your drippers less susceptible to blockage. In addition, if you irrigate from overhead, you will get considerably more shine on the leaves.

Simple water pre-treatment

The Priva Neutralizer adds acid and aerates via a special venturi. This removes bicarbonate from the irrigation water. The result: a reliable EC and pH from the fertiliser unit to the roots of the plant.