Priva Labour Insight offers you insight into worked hours, harvested production and performance per employee.  All data can be registered per crop field, regardless of time and place. The self-service software runs completely in the cloud, so you can check the progress of harvested quantities over multiple fields any time of the day.
  • Team registration of labour and production in the field

  • Self-service app

  • Clear view of labour and production data in one online dashboard

  • Pay per use cloud software

Priva Labour Insight

Put together your company and teams

You can assign different roles to the employees in your company, such as labour manager or supervisor. Every role has its own set of responsibilities and competencies, that you can determine. With the app, your team leader can easily register the labour and production of your crop fields on a tablet. The registered data is synchronized automatically as soon as you are in reach of your WIFI or 3G/4G. 

Optimize your planning, budgeting and forecasting

Labour Insight converts the registered data into a clear online dashboard through which you can produce easy-to-read reports at operational and tactical level. The data provides insight at both team and individual level, allowing you to simply produce management reports. You can compare information on varieties, production and labour over multiple fields. This helps you optimize your planning, budgeting and forecasting. It is also possible to import this data into your payment system. Overview screens makes the performance of employees transparent, which will motivate them to perform their best.

Pay per use

Labour Insight can be easily integrated into your daily business. All you need is a tablet and an account.You pay a limited fixed amount per month and an amount per registered employee per day. Besides, you only pay for the days that your employees are actively registered.


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