The Priva FS Reader helps your staff to record real-time labor and production data rapidly and with few errors. The FS Reader integrates seamlessly with the Priva FS Performance management information system. The FS Reader makes your work even easier!

  • Reduction of incorrect labor or production entries

  • Easy evaluation of working and production processes

  • Short learning curve

Feedback during data input

Priva FS Reader helps staff record data by providing feedback regarding data input. This reduces the number of incorrect entries and enables the information obtained to be increasingly more reliable than before. The information can be used to evaluate the working and production processes in your company.

A short learning curve

The FS Reader is easy-to-operate and requires very little adjustment of the controls means that the learning required from your staff is minimal. The FS Reader  is the first of a new generation of non-language dependent, intelligent RFID scanners. Employees of any language background can operate the device with minimal training.

Information that is always up-to-date enables rapid response

Once scanned, data can be sent immediately to the Priva FS Performance server. The information in the system is always relevant, realistic and up-to-date, regardless of the time of day. You can also take immediate action to improve the production performance of your staff.

A versatile system

The FS Reader can be integrated with data regarding cultivation, production and harvesting. The system offers immense flexibility and can be used in different sizes, locations and types of business. Whatever your ambition, Priva offers the best solution.