You know your crop inside-out and you know exactly what climate it needs. Horticulture automation has now become a given for you. But how do you optimally gear the two to each other? In practice, it appears that the translation from crop strategy to control strategy is not always simple; perhaps you don't have enough time to get the best result. With Priva Climate Advice you can get the best out of your process computer and thus from your greenhouse climate.

  • Your growing requirements translated into an effective growing strategy

  • Advice from experts on horticultural automation

  • Results in higher crop yield

Higher crop yield

The Priva Climate Advisor is a specialist who can seamlessly tune your climate requirements to the capabilities of your horticulture automation. Our Climate Advisors are experts in the field of controls, process computers and horticulture automation, with the necessary knowledge of the crop. The optimal fine-tuning of these factors allows your crop to grow well and you are guaranteed a higher yield.

However, the Priva Climate Advisor is not a replacement for your current (external) crop advisor; they tailor their advice to the requirements of your company.

Better interpretation = optimal control

The Priva Climate Advisor starts by checking your process computer(s). How have the settings for heating, ventilating, irrigation and alarms been set? The climate control is then adjusted step-by-step to your requirements and the requirements of your crop. With the Priva Climate Advice fine-tuning becomes easier and you gain greater knowledge of the interaction between your crop's climate requirement and the settings. You gradually learn how to interpret the data more effectively and to achieve proper control based on your crops. The Priva Climate Advice folder is a useful tool. Here you keep all data up-to-date which turns itself into a very handy workbook.

The Priva Climate Advisor helps you to convert your own ideas about the climate into an effective strategy. Priva Climate Advice works on a contract or on-demand basis so that you can make use of our advice all year round.