Air recirculation results in the air flow in the greenhouse remaining at a constant and even level; it equalizes the greenhouse climate. As a result of this air movement, the leaf dries more quickly and is better able to dispose of its moisture. This gives molds less chance to develop.

  • Improved crop activity

  • Less chance for molds and diseases

  • Energy savings

Air Recirculation

A greenhouse’s interior climate is far from balanced. Temperatures, degrees of humidity and levels of CO2 all vary. These variations can influence returns and quality, whether you’re growing vegetables, potted plants, cut flowers or other crops. Recirculation fans provide a more evenly balanced climate within your greenhouse. As the air circulates, it helps leaves to perspire, preventing overheating and scorching – and promoting more even growth and better resistance against disease. We offer different kinds of fansfor a parallel or serial ventilation system which is suitable for every crop.

Priva EcoFan

Priva EcoFanis one of the most efficient fans on the market. That’s because the fan is 25% more economical and 50% quieter than it’s predecessor.  The EcoFan+ is made using durable and corrosion-resistant materials, making it ideal for a greenhouse’s varying climate. 

To reduce CO2 emissions by at least 20% by 2020, the European Union regularly sets new standards for energy efficiency. A new and stricter 2020 directive for fans has been drawn up. EcoFan+ was designed to comply with this directive perfectly.

Priva EcoFan+ - blue background

Air tubes

Whether you have an existing greenhouse or are building a new one, Priva can optimize the cultivation climate in your greenhouse.  By using fans that are suspended underneath the cultivation troughs and are linked to Priva air tubes, an air flow is created underneath the crop, while  slow, vertical air movement is generated through the crop. This allows you to limit the use of the heating capacity at the bottom. The result: diseases and molds have less chance to develop. Combined with the activation of the crop, this can result in higher production and you will save energy because the minimum water temperature can be limited.