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Soft Fruit

Priva soft fruit solutions, combining crop and technology knowledge into high quality systems tailored to needs of berry growers. High quality berries with the best taste and a long shelf life.

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The cultivation of fruiting vegetables requires the maintenance of a constant balance between current and future production. Between vegetative and generative control. There are significant differences among growers in terms of approach, production and quality. For this reason, maximum flexibility is required to enable growers to control the greenhouse climate and water dosage in their own way. Priva offers every possible option for this.

Roses 2

Cut Flowers

Priva systems allow growers to go along with the rhythm of the crop as far as possible. The crop will perform best when the lighting level, temperature and air humidity are all perfectly harmonized. The user-friendly set-up graphs in the Priva software enable make it easy to set a climate strategy, even if it is very complex.

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Potted Plants

Planning is a crucial for a potted plant grower: the plants must reach a certain size and quality by a predetermined time. The integrated Priva systems make it easy to control by temperature, light sum, length of day, air humidity and water dosage. In this way, Priva helps to implement the crop planning with a minimum consumption of energy and a maximum reuse of water

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Indoor growing

With our experience and knowledge of controls and water management, you'll get the best solution for any indoor growing operation