Clean irrigation water in Kenya

Growers in Kenya have struggled for many years with fine silt in their irrigation water. The water that they pump from nearby lakes contains a lot of mud, which causes blockages in the water systems and drippers. Priva’s partner ND Projects has developed an innovative solution to filter large amounts of mud water into clear water. On 20 September, senator Gideon Moi revealed the filtration system at Molo River Roses.

Molo River Roses struggled for years with blockages in the water systems due to mud in the irrigation water. Many Kenyan growers, such as Molo River Roses settle around large lakes, such as Nakuru and Naivasha. However, when pumping water to a storage dam, a lot of mud comes with the water. This causes blockages in the water and fertilizer dosing systems. After years of searching for the right solution, Molo River Roses solved the problem with the Mud Water Filtering technology. This technology causes mud particles to precipitate in water, leaving clean water.

Mud Water Filtering

The Mud Water Filtering technology has been developed by Priva’s partner ND Projects. The technology is applied in the Lamella clarifier, a sedimentation system designed by ND Projects to precipitate mud particles in irrigation water, leaving clean water for irrigation. An important advantage of the Lamella clarifier is that less space is needed for the pre-treatment of water, making this process faster. This gives the grower also access to clean irrigation water more quickly.

Watering the crops at the right time with the correct fertilizer and nutrient dosing is essential for crop quality and production yield. Together with ND Projects, Priva has installed its fertilizer dosing system, the NutriJet, in a bypass design at Molo River Roses. The NutriJet replaces four old water systems. Because the NutriJet only uses a single pump, the system is more energy efficient and cost-effective. With the unique, closed mixing chamber of the NutriJet, a stable EC and pH of the irrigation water can be assured, which is essential for optimal uptake of nutrients at the plant root zone.

Opening at Naivasha Horticultural Fair

Molo River Roses is one of the first growers in Kenya to use the Mud Water Filtering technology for filtering irrigation water. Therefore, the opening of the Mud Water Filtering system attracted a lot of attention among the Kenyan population. Additionally, ND Projects and Priva promoted the filtration system and the Priva water systems and process computers at the Naivasha Horticultural Fair. This is the largest horticultural fair in Africa, which was organized in Kenya this September.