Haisheng wins Tomato Inspiration Award 2018

Chinese company Haisheng won the Tomato Inspiration Award in Berlin on Thursday night. Mr. Leeki Li, Director of Horticultural Business of Haisheng, received the award from Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva during the fifth edition of the Tomato Inspiration Event.

Friday, 9 February 2018
Tomato Inspiration Event 2018

Haisheng is a well-known Chinese company with a very good reputation worldwide. In the past, the company specialized mainly in fruit growing and the production of fruit juices, but in recent years it has also taken big steps in the cultivation of high quality fruit and vegetables under glass. Haisheng currently grows tomatoes in a 12-hectare Ultra-Clima greenhouse, controlled by the Priva Connext, making it the first in China to use that greenhouse concept. Haisheng also takes care of the cultivation of the tomato plants and has started the production of snack tomatoes on a large scale. Different types of tomato are also grown under professional conditions.

Game changer in China

The jury awarded the Tomato Inspiration Award to Haisheng because the company is an authentic 'game changer' in China. Haisheng grows tomatoes on a large scale by using high-tech facilities, with which the company is a forerunner and pioneer in Chinese greenhouse horticulture. In addition, the choice of snack tomatoes, which are even called 'Dutch Candy Tomatoes', is revolutionary for a country such as China, where such products are a novelty.

Haisheng is the fifth winner of the Tomato Inspiration Award. Windset Farms (Canada), Duijvestijn Tomaten (the Netherlands), Sundrop Farms (Australia) and Greenco (the Netherlands) preceded the Chinese company. The presentation of the award is part of the Tomato Inspiration Event that takes place annually in Berlin. Tomato growers from around the world attended the event on Thursday evening. The more than 150 guests listened to keynote speaker Jan Jonker from the Radboud University in Nijmegen talk about the trends and developments in the field of nutrition and actively participated in a discussion on various current topics.

Tomato Inspiration Event

The Tomato Inspiration Event and the presentation of the Tomato Inspiration Award are an initiative of HortiBiz in collaboration with Koppert Biological Systems, Priva, Cultilene, Axia Vegetable Seeds, Enza Seeds, Svensson, Van Dijk Heating, Gautier Semences, Carbon Gold and Greentech.