Erdbeerhof Osterloh

The right amount of water and fertilizers

German strawberry grower, Ulrich Osterloh, has one passion: he wants to be the best strawberry producer in Germany, or better still, in all of Europe. With more than 250 ha of land, he is both growing in the open field and under polytunnels. As he finds it very important to use water in a sustainable way, he has invested in Priva water systems, which allow him to reuse water and fertilizers.

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  • Strawberry

  • Polytunnels and open field

  • Fertilizer dosing

Strawberry grower Ulrich Osterloh alt="Strawberry grower Ulrich Osterloh">

Use water efficiently, it is the most important raw material on earth

Strawberry grower Ulrich Osterloh, Germany

The strawberry farm has purchased a recirculation system that recycles the collected drain water and makes it suitable for reuse. Osterloh has opted for the Priva NutriFlex, which enables him to give the strawberry plants the right amount of water and fertilizers at the right time, controlled by his Priva Connext computer.

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