• Using AI to improve comfort while reducing energy consumption

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Priva Energy and Comfort Optimizer

Instead of the building manager having to adjust the building automation system continuously to steer comfort, Priva ECO is like a self-driving car, doing all of this for you, creating a perfect indoor climate and lowering energy consumption at the same time.

  • Lower energy consumption

    Save up to 25%

  • Always a comfortable climate

    Happy users and less complaints

  • Fully automatic

    The building manager doesn’t have to take the steering wheel

  • Continuous improvements

    Artificial intelligence makes sure that the system can improve itself continuously

Smarter use of building installations

Priva ECO is a cloud-based service that can be implemented as an add-on to existing building automation systems from any vendor. Once configured, the intelligent software looks ahead 24 hours, calculating scenarios, based on combinations of events (occupation rate, weather conditions, desired comfort levels, etc.) that are most likely to occur. It then uses these scenarios to make smarter use of the climate installations and the available energy sources of the building.

Continuous improvements

Priva uses the latest available technologies to deliver maximum comfort improvement at the lowest possible costs. A ‘digital twin’ of the building is created which is used to test all the different possible scenarios. Once the best scenarios are found, they are implemented in the actual building. The artificial intelligence makes sure that the system can improve itself continuously.

Artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence is based on Microsoft Azure technology and smart ­algorithms developed by Priva. This enables the software to learn about the behavior of a building and the influences of factors like:

  • building usage and occupation rate
  • internal heat load from people and machines
  • weather conditions, like outside air temperature, sun and wind
  •  weather forecast for the next 24 hours
  •  measured room conditions for every room or zone
  •  desired room conditions
  •  changing supply of renewable energy sources

Based on all this information, Priva ECO predicts the exact behavior and needed setpoints to meet the desired climate conditions for the users of the building. The software will control the installations in such a way that a minimum of energy is needed to accomplish the optimal climate.

Priva | Leo Hitzert alt="Priva | Leo Hitzert">

Unlike other systems, the Energy and Comfort Optimizer doesn’t rely on you to do the actual work and then claim your work as a benefit of their tool. Priva ECO interacts with your building and does that on its own, 24/7 and fully automatic.

Product manager - Leo Hitzert

Priva ECO has been applied to a wide variety of buildings

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  • Environmental focus

    Impressive energy savings

  • For all types of buildings

    No matter how large or small

  • All types of building management systems

    Vendor independent

  • Happy tenants

    Less complaints about the climate

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