• What is happening in your building?

Priva Alarms for building managers

You want to know what is happening in your building. Everything, anytime, anywhere. Priva Alarms offers you an integrated overview of all the alarms within your building(s). On any device you want.

  • Multiple buildings

    Suitable for one or more buildings, regardless of type and age of the Priva systems

  • Automatic alarm notification

    Option to inform your mechanical contractor automatically about the alarm


You want to discover problems within your building as quick as possible. With Priva Alarms, you can easily monitor technical installations and be actively notified when something odd is happening. This prevents problems from becoming a complaint.


Priva Alarms is a cloud based solution. This means you do not need to invest in ICT equipment or knowledge to get started. It is very easy to set-up Priva Alarms. The only thing you need is a secure connection between the buildings network and the Cloud, like a Connectivity device. The service is subscription-based, so it always fits your business.

Priva Alarms: What is it?
Priva | Alarms for building management alt="Priva | Alarms for building management">

Priva Alarms provides me with real-time alarm data on my smart device, no matter where I am. Because I can respond very fast, it minimizes the downtime for my customers.

Engineer Techwise Systems - Dave Phillips

Manage alarms from your building portfolio

Anytime, anywhere

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  • Use on any device

    Apps available for iOS, Android and Windows phone

  • Easy and quick

    Immediate alerts and details about the alarms

  • Complete overview

    Monitor the technical installations of all your buildings

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