Cultural Centre De Werf in Aalst (NL) has various venues for cultural events, including a ballet hall, exhibition rooms, meeting rooms, a studio and a foyer. The crowd pullers are the 766 m² theatre with 599 seats and a 210 m² auditorium with seating for 200. In 2019, Priva replaced the air handling units for these two halls and upgraded the building management system.

Consumption costs too high ‘The cultural centre's HVAC control system was due for replacement,’ says Edwig De Vis, engineer for the City of Aalst. ‘Our infrastructure has been in use since 1988, and the air handling units were at the end of their service life. The regulation no longer functioned optimally, and the energy consumption was too high.’ The City of Aalst therefore went looking for the right partner to update De Werf's heating and ventilation system.

Modern building management system The City of Aalst chose HVAC specialist Celcio for the project at CC De Werf via a call for tenders. Luc Vlaeminck and his team replaced two air handling units and fifteen trench radiators, among other things. In order to improve the ease of use, Priva controllers and sensors were added to the new air handling units. For this work, Celcio called in SVD Solutions. Silvaan Van Driessche of SVD Solutions tells: ‘We upgraded the building management system to meet today's standards. This allows the customer to easily control the installation from any computer or smartphone in their IT environment.’

Automatically heated and ventilated halls ‘The results are remarkable: around a 30% reduction of the electricity and gas costs,’ says Edwig De Vis of the City of Aalst. ‘What's more, it's much simpler to operate than before. The installation is tied into the booking system for the various venues, and the temperature is regulated automatically based on when the rooms are in use. Energy wastage is reduced to a minimum.’

‘We developed the software and linked it to the Priva system,’ explains Silvaan Van Driessche. ‘When a performance runs from 6 to 10 in the evening, for example, De Werf can be certain the auditorium will be well ventilated, automatically, for the entire block of time.’