Looking back on successful online knowledge sessions

Growers and other relations from all over the world have been able to experience the added value of sharing knowledge online last week. Although personal contact remains an important asset for our consultants, they also very much succeed in giving online advice and information! More than 150 participants were able to gain more knowledge about how to achieve a stable greenhouse climate by using ventilation control.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
During the online knowledge sessions, consultant Paul Jense discussed ventilation controls that influence the greenhouse climate resulting in desired stable conditions. He explained how you can set window limits and the P-band to prevent fluctuations in air exchange and thus achieve a better climate for the crop. With Priva Office Direct, Paul showed how to vent cautiously.

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Have you missed last week’s online knowledge session 'A stable greenhouse climate'? The session will be available in Dutch and English via our Priva Academy next week. Participants who have registered for this session will receive a notification automatically when the session is available online. Did you not register, but would like to receive a notification? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to communications.horticulture@priva.com.

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On Tuesday 14 April and Thursday 16 April, we will organize new online knowledge sessions. These sessions will address the following question: 'How can I create a stable climate during the opening and closing of my energy screens? During these sessions, Priva consultant Paul Jense will provide tips & tricks about how to keep the greenhouse climate stable during opening and closing of the energy screens, by using step control. We are organizing three sessions in English, and one in Dutch. Would you like to participate? You can sign up here.

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