At Priva, we create smart technologies for controlling the climate and processes in greenhouses and buildings. But the value of our innovations can really only be seen in the environment in which they work. And that is precisely what our Growth Lab is intended to do. It is a place where our solutions come to life and where you can learn all about the latest innovations in climate and process automation and in building control. Become inspired and discover how you can future-proof your building or greenhouse.

Discover the building of the future

Priva Growth Lab 1

Who is it for?

Priva Growth Lab 1 is open to anyone with an interest in smart buildings, e.g. facility managers, architects, project developers, engineering consultants and installers. Would you like to find out more about using smart technology in your building? Or are you interested in a specific Priva solution? Discover, see and experience it all in the Growth Lab.

What can you experience?

Together with our experts, you can try out the latest technologies and discover how they could help you prepare your building for the future. In interactive rooms, we demonstrate the wide range of possibilities for office buildings and hotels. And all with a focus on comfort and a more sustainable use of energy. We would be delighted to show you how to create workplaces in which people can grow and can develop their talents. And we will also let you experience how you to create an optimum level of personal comfort in a hotel room. Finally, we will give you a different insight into energy use in buildings.

Discover how you can grow more sustainably and more profitably

Priva Growth Lab 2

Who is it for?

Priva Growth Lab 2 is for growers, crop consultants, investors, technical advisers and installers who are looking for ways to further optimize their horticultural business and to make it more sustainable. Would you like to find out more about using integrated process controls, the efficient use of energy and water or our solutions for labor registration and management information? Discover it in Growth Lab 2. Our solutions make it easy to grow a crop profitably and sustainably.

What can you experience?

In Growth Lab 2 you will discover how technology can help you to optimize all the processes in your horticultural business and to make them more sustainable. Whether it is a question of the maximum reuse of water, the optimum deployment of labor or the smarter use of energy; in the Priva Growth Lab, you can learn all about the smart solutions and services that will get the best out of your crop and help you achieve maximum results. Our experts will show you everything about:

  • Accurate process automation
  • Sustainable water management
  • Management information and labor registration
  • Indoor Growing
  • Labor and robotics
  • Service & Support

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