Visit the Fruit Logistica to see how we can connect to grow your business

Have you already planned your visit to the Fruit Logistica on 5, 6 or 7 February? We are pleased to welcome you in hall 3.2 at the Priva booth C-05. Let's connect to see how we can help you achieve better results based on data from your own greenhouse by providing services in addition to our hardware solutions. Meiny Prins: "2015 to 2020 has been an important period for Priva to adapt to our vision of the future, and now we are ready to commit to it."

When you think of Priva, you probably think of a climate computer. And even though that’s the backbone of our company, we go way further than that. Meiny: “When talking about a climate computer, you’re actually talking about realizing the perfect climate. The same goes for a water installation: we’re not selling a machine; we’re helping growers with clean water.”

Useful knowledge to improve the crop

In the end, it is mostly about the service to improve the crop by providing insight into what’s happening within. As a grower, you want answers to your questions, ‘what is the climate like?’, ‘do I have clean water? Measuring this information is one thing, but turning that into useful knowledge for the grower is much more important. With our new direction, we want to answer the questions of growers more clearly and provide tools to use the information to improve the climate, the water quality, and water use and to improve the energy efficiency. We help growers achieve better results based on data from their own greenhouse. By providing tools to the grower to use that information from the greenhouse, climate, labor management, energy efficiency and water quality and water use will improve.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 09:00 - Friday, February 7, 2020 16:00

Messe Berlin Berlin - Germany

Creating connections for growth

Creating the best climate for growth, starts with connecting the dots. Our total, integrated solution consisting of hardware, software and services connects all the elements that are needed to grow a profitable crop. We understand that the better processes within a greenhouse are handled, the more your crop, your greenhouse, your business and - in the end – the consumer can benefit. Of course, we can't do it alone. We need each other to safeguard food production for the growing world population. That’s why we invite you to visit us at the Fruit Logistica to see how we can connect. Our team is ready for you to show how we can help you to perfectly coordinate all the processes in the field of climate, light, irrigation, water and energy management for the most stable climate with an optimal cultivation as a result.

Getting closer to growers

Meiny: “If you want to deliver a service, you have to also ask yourself what kind of value you are creating for your customers. You can bring anything into the cloud and call it a service, but if it doesn’t add any value it is not worth the bandwidth.” To provide useful knowledge and valuable services for growers, it is important to be closer to them. To make that happen, we launched Phil (short for Priva Horticultural Innovation Labs). With Phil we can quickly test and market digital services for growers. Today Phil offers three digital services that help growers get better insight into their crop and better results from it as well. Curious? Read more about Phil on

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