• Automatically steer the growth of an entire crop

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Priva's autonomous growing technology

Priva's Horticulture Innovation Lab is proud to present our new online application, designed to simplify consistent crop development.

Plantonomy™ steers transpiration according to the natural biorhythm of the plant. It alters settings based on what the plant needs, when it needs it. And it does this all by itself. Just set the strategy you want to follow and Plantonomy will do the rest. This new technology allows individual growers to easily and automatically steer the growth of an entire crop – not just a compartment.

Priva Plantonomy
  • Consistent crop development

    With a predictable crop quality and yield

  • Automatically steer the growth of an entire crop

    Spend less time changing settings and more time in the greenhouse

  • Increased span of control

    A single grower can manage larger greenhouses or multiple locations

  • Make it easier to grow a profitable crop

    For less experienced growers, Plantonomy helps to achieve better results

Spend much less time adjusting climate settings

Our revolutionary software service enables you to save many hours each day adjusting the climate computer settings, while ensuring the right decisions are made at the right time. What’s more, because it’s in the cloud, you can access this powerful functionality from anywhere, at any time!

Let’s shape the future of horticulture together! With Plantonomy we are leading the way.

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Priva Plantonomy
Francois Habasque | Plantonomy alt="Francois Habasque | Plantonomy">

One of the main advantages of the system is stability; and if we get stable management of the crop over the day, the week, and the month, we will achieve better yield

Head grower at RedSun Farms, Mexico - Francois Habasque

How does it work?

For Priva Connext users, Plantonomy simplifies and automates the environmental control of your greenhouse by directing climate and water to ensure optimal growth of your crop.

Its revolutionary recipe draws upon Peter Kamp’s decades of experience and a scientific approach to get the most out of your vent-controlled greenhouse. While still allowing the grower to maintain oversight, it dramatically reduces the number of climate computer inputs required to achieve predictable crop outcomes. As a result, Plantonomy allows a single grower to double his span of control.

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Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab (Phil)

Plantonomy is developed by Phil - short for Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab.We’ve opened up this lab to give an extra boost to the development of new online applications and services. Phil's aim is to support you as a grower in achieving better results, based on the data from your greenhouse.

What does Phil do exactly?

As a grower, you want answers to your questions. Collecting data is one thing but turning that into useful knowledge for you as a grower is much more important. With Phil, we give you tools to make better use of all the data from your greenhouse and thereby improve the climate, water quality, water consumption and energy efficiency.

Our focus with Phil

Meiny Prins, Priva’s CEO: "With Phil, we can develop new ideas faster by working closely with our customers. This allows us to test things quickly and gain more knowledge about what the customer thinks is valuable. At the moment we're focusing on autonomous climate control, crop level analysis/reporting, as well as data-based insights".

Want to know more about Phil?
Logo Phil by Priva
  • No new hardware

    Plantonomy™ requires no new sensors to achieve great results. If you use Priva Connext, you can implement Plantonomy right now.

  • Increase crop consistency

    Have consistent production, the desired results and fewer worries.

  • Scale up

    Double the growers’ span of control and scale up your business.