Deliflor Chrysanten & Priva: from greenhouse automation to Indoor Farming

Friday, May 13, 2022

Deliflor Chrysanten is located in the Westland, right in the heart of Dutch greenhouse horticulture region. It is part of Beekenkamp Group, a family business that was founded more than 70 years ago. The company specializes in breeding, propagating and rooting chrysanthemums. We spoke with the company’s managing director Peter Kuijvenhoven and Priva Consultants Rick van den Burg and Dave Tork at the Maasdijk location.


Connecting with Deliflor Chrysanten

In our “Connecting with” series, Priva visits leading horticultural companies all over the world. We talk to them about the challenges they face and how Priva solutions help them to overcome them. The third video in this series is about Deliflor Chrysanten. In this video, Priva consultant Rick van den Burg talks about the collaboration with the company. 



“I am satisfied with the partnership with Priva employees. They are skilled, and my questions are resolved immediately.”

Peter Kuijvenhoven, Managing Director at Deliflor Chrysanten