The challenge of change

Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and digital services: new technologies follow each other at a rapid pace and it changes the world around us. These technological developments offer opportunities and possibilities for Priva to support entrepreneurs in new ways in their cultivation and in the optimization of their business processes. The transition started and Priva has strengthened its Product Development department to create new platforms, services and products. In a world that is becoming increasingly connected, our focus is on expanding the scalability and impact of our products, services and organization. But there are also challenges.

Friday, June 28, 2019

The challenges

How can new technologies like IoT, robotics, vision technology and data services be integrated into existing horticultural processes? How can investments that are already made by entrepreneurs be upgraded to the wishes of tomorrow? How can horticultural companies connect with urban development, to create circular energy systems and sustainable living environments? “The development of horticulture has a long history, so the industry can’t simply act like a startup company. This is the challenge of change”, says Meiny Prins (CEO Priva). During the GreenTech, Priva experts explained future trends and gave a glimpse of the development path of Priva.

Priva knowledge sessions during GreenTech

The theme 'The challenge of change' was the main theme of Priva during the GreenTech. The theme was also explained during one of Priva's knowledge sessions by the CEO of Priva, Meiny Prins. Meiny Prins spoke about the opportunities, possibilities and challenges that technological developments offer for the horticultural sector. Our Priva experts also gave a knowledge session about new technologies and services related to the internet of things, robotics and digital services. The fundamentally new way of working that is needed to apply these new technologies is also discussed. Interested? Read more about the 2019 knowledge sessions here.

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