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Introducing Priva Compass process computer

Priva has developed a new sustainable entry-level process computer for precise crop control. With Priva Compass, the crop is on the steering wheel for controlling irrigation, climate, light and CO2. By the clearly laid-out interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, growers will have a clear insight into all processes, any time of the day. With its ultra-modern technology and affordable price point, Priva Compass is the only one of its kind on the market today.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Based on the crop and desired growing strategy, Priva Compass will be tailored to meet the requirements of smaller scaled grower. Up to four sections can be controlled by the Priva Compass. It  consists of small, flexible hardware and software modules and is very easy to operate. With this system, growers can monitor the process, at any given moment. Thanks to the built-in WI-FI network, the computer can be operated from any device at any time.

The right technology

Growing crops is all about the highest possible yield at the best quality, while keeping a close eye on efficiency, optimization of water and energy use and production safety. To realize this, using the right technology is key. With Priva Compass, all cultivation processes can be controlled optimally. This new and affordable process computer offers growers all essential advantages of the in-depth knowledge of horticulture and technology that Priva has built in time.

Themes Priva compass EN

Different kind of modules

With Priva Compass, growers are in control of three different areas: photosynthesis, climate and irrigation. For every crop zone and every theme, growers can select basic or advanced modules. Of course, only the chosen controls are being charged.

Intuitive dashboards

Priva Compass is operated by Priva Compass Operator and can be operated locally or via the Cloud. On every device, growers will always have insight into their operation in the form of a clearly laid-out dashboard. The dashboards show the information that is most relevant in a clean and simple layout. Thanks to the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, it only takes a glance to see the status of the various components of your system, including the components that may need adjusting. This way, growers are always immediately up-to-date of their process.

Compass Operator mobile

Quick installation

The Priva system can be installed quickly and smoothly with the easy setup web application. If the grower or installer is connected to the Priva Compass system via a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the web application can be used directly. Priva system can be installed quickly and smoothly with the easy setup web application. The installation process starts with an easy step-by-step plan using visual overviews that help the installer configure the system. Once the installation is complete, a visual overview of the connected systems and sensors can be generated from the web application for easy and error-free maintenance.

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