Customer support center

A new department: Customer Support Center

We value the satisfaction of our customers and partners regarding our service and support very much and we are always looking for opportunities to improve it. That is why we set up the Priva Customer Support Center. Now we can help our customers and partners even better!

Monday, July 16, 2018

With the Customer Support Center, our customers will have a single point of entry for commercial, technical and financial questions and our partners for all their technical questions. This new department improves our availability and enables us to handle questions faster and more effective by connecting customers and partners to the right Priva expert faster. 

Customer Service Center | Priva

At first, the Customer Support Center is being set up for our horticulture customers and partners. Eventually, the Customer Support Center should serve as the single point of entry for all our customers and partners, including the building automation and indoor growing sectors. 

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