Every day, 200,000 people around the world move to the big city. It is estimated that within 15 years over 60% of the world’s population will be living in metropolitan areas. 

Where so many people live and work in close proximity, more and more food will also be produced. Because of the need for ‘mouths’ to be fed and the available workforce, but also the ability to recycle water and to create new energy flows. Efficient energy and water flows, sustainable food production, green and clean neighborhoods, decentralized, short supply chains, will all transform these cities into drivers of sustainability and radical innovation.

Cities: Rotterdam

Quality of life before economic growth

The cities are in charge and they are unstoppable in their move towards sustainability and a circular economy

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The Netherlands is the greenest city of the world

"Our Green Heart is New York's Central Park and Westland is urban farming"

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Indoor Growing | Priva

Feeding the world

We believe growing indoors without daylight and climate influences will play a fundamental role in feeding the cities of tomorrow

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