Priva Supports BCO ‘Wellness Matters’ Study

Priva supports the latest research from The British Council for Offices (BCO) which provides guidance on enabling Health and Wellbeing across an office building’s lifecycle.

Dienstag, 4. September 2018

Entitled ‘Wellness Matters: Health and Wellbeing in Offices and What to Do About It’ the report is a year-long project which critiques existing Health and Wellbeing measurement and certification, and argues the business case for investment in this space.

The report is one of the first major pieces of research into health and wellbeing in the office environment and with less than half of respondents in the study feeling like their workplace had a positive impact on their health, it highlights the shortfall between awareness of this issue and practical measures that can be taken to improve workplace conditions. 

Employee health and productivity

The BCO places particular emphasis on the importance of investing in practical measures at every stage of a building’s life cycle. By including architects, designers and sustainability consultants as part of the conversation at every stage, they contend it will be far easier to deliver a workspace that will improve employee health and productivity.

“We’re delighted to see a report which puts a spotlight on the importance of creating healthier buildings, a subject which is rapidly growing in importance and prominence”, comments Gavin Holvey, Sales Manager at Priva UK. 

Improve the workspace

“As manufacturers of building management systems, we’re firm believers that those businesses that invest in Health and Wellbeing will undoubtedly see the benefits of doing so. Improving employee happiness, wellbeing and comfort translates into a healthier workforce, higher productivity and staff retention. Health and Wellbeing isn’t only something to consider when re-designing an existing office space or through new HR policies, but can be installed into a building at any stage.”

Mr Holvey concludes, “We fully support the findings in The BCO’s latest report. The report will help many employers understand the next steps to take in improving the workspace and ultimately reap the benefits of a healthier workforce.”

Download the full BCO report