The intelligence and user-friendliness of building control software plays a big role in determining to what extent you can get the best from your building(s). This is why a lot of time and energy was put into this aspect during the development of Priva Blue ID. The result: TC Manager, which is surprisingly user-friendly.
  • Operate at any time and from any place

  • Clear and distinct icons

  • Complete overview of the status of systems

The only thing you need for TC Manager is a computer with an Internet connection and a standard browser. You can use the browser to access the Web controls, which are actually located in the controllers and you can get started straightaway. This means that you can access and operate the building control system at any time and from anywhere.

Maximum user-friendliness

In the development of TC Manager, our specialists in the User Experience department really pulled out every stop to make operating the system as easy and as clear as possible for you as the user. Thanks to the use of clear and distinct icons, you can see at a glance what functions you are dealing with. This gives you the assurance that you can find your way around the system quickly. Familiarizing other users with the controls is also a piece of cake. Because you do not need to know which controller controls which system part, you can quickly navigate through the building sections and get to the setting you wish to view or modify. This is not only easy, but also saves you time.

Comprehensive analysis tools

The widgets on the dashboard give you a complete overview of the status of the system. Do you want to analyze the behavior of the building, analyze the effect of a certain setting on the indoor temperature or like to view the connection between the indoor and outside temperature? Thanks to clear trend graphs and tables, the building will no longer hold any secrets for you. In TC Manager, you can put together your desired analysis and display mode in no time at all. Whether it is an extensive filtering or a trend graph, you can always save your screen display as a 'view'. The next time, you simply call up this 'view' and the system loads it with the most up to date data.

Freedom of choice

The Priva project software is 100% your property. Your complete project database can even be stored entirely on an SD card in the controller. Thanks to this data storage, you always have access to all the relevant project data and you have complete freedom of choice when it comes to selecting a Priva partner to assist you with the servicing and maintenance of your system(s).