Energy efficient buildings are more relevant than ever. For large or small companies - in a single building or a multi-site complex - Priva offers a new way to monitor and manage energy consumption: TC Energy. As part of Top Control, TC Energy visualizes the energy flows within your building. And it's all online.
  • Web-based, convenient and easy to use

  • Available near real-time data on electricity, gas, heating, cooling or water

  • Minimal investment costs

An integrated system

Priva Building Management Systems are energy management ready, which means that only limited engineering and investments are needed to get started. TC Energy collects all the energy data from the building management system and converts it into graphically- illustrated easy-to-use reports.

Benefits of TC Energy

  • Web-based, convenient and easy to use
  • Available near real-time data on electricity, gas, heating, cooling or water
  • Priva Building Management Systems are energy management ready; only limited engineering is needed
  • Graphically-illustrated, easy-to-understand reports
  • Interactive graphs with zoom function for detailed insight and analysis in various time periods
  • Secure data centers, plus password encryption of the TC Energy website, mean that all information is fully protected
  • No separate energy monitoring system or complex interface required

Various examples of reports

  • Consumption reports for each building for electricity, gas, heating, cooling or water
  • Emission reports with the CO2 equivalent of total energy used in the building
  • Different energy analyses
  • Reports on different periods, with various time units
  • Bench marking of buildings
  • Reports on sub-metering in a building
  • Insight into user behavior and thus optimization of systems by pattern analysis
  • Degree-days reports that provide a powerful but simple way of analyzing weather-related energy consumption

TC Energy system requirements

To get started with TC Energy, all you need is:

  • Priva Building Management System, with optional sub-metering
  • Subscription to TC Energy (a minimum subscription covers one building and 10 energy flows)

Why energy management matters

You can eliminate sources of energy waste and unlock instant fuel savings by pinpointing equipment that's defective or being switched on in error. By managing your energy consumption, you can identify areas of high energy consumption. Find out which equipment needs to be upgraded as a priority. Build the business case for a lighting upgrade or new boiler, or more efficient plant equipment. With energy management, you can also set and achieve CO2 targets. Find out the level of carbon-reduction targets that are achievable and track your company's progress. Tracking high energy use can be the first step in creating a 'behavioral change' program to get everyone in the company to change their energy-wasting habits.

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