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Roadmap to achieve net zero by 2030

Building Automation
Net Zero
27 June 2022
According to the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), the global building and construction sectors account for 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions. By 2050, these sectors should be 100% carbon neutral. (1)

To achieve this, all new buildings must have zero carbon emissions by 2030. What can building owners do to make the transition as smooth as possible? Here are some steps to get you started.   

Know your numbers   

Before you do anything, you need to understand where your energy is being used. You can't save energy if you don't know where you are currently using it. Start by looking at a way to analyze the data coming out of your BMS. 

Invest in new hardware  

Once you know where you are using the most energy, see if it makes sense to replace your current hardware with more energy efficient heat pumps, boilers, heaters, etc. It may sound counterintuitive to spend money to save, but it's not.  

Involve the experts   

Knowing what your numbers are and where to invest in a new system is just the start. Implementing a new energy management system can be a daunting task if you have to do it alone. Fortunately, you don't have to. With the right technology partners, it becomes a lot more feasible. When choosing the right technology specialist, look for partners with expertise in various technologies; alignment with industry initiatives, including promoting net-zero; and a solid track record of successful projects. Once an installation is complete, it is vital to have a specialist on board through long-term support agreements. Not only will they ensure that potential problems are detected early, they will also be able to advise on innovative technologies that could enable further savings.  

Let us help you   

No one said it would be easy to reach net zero by 2030, but implementing this series of steps will certainly make it more achievable. If you need help from one of our experts, we would be happy to help you on your path to net zero. Contact us here.