• Treat your entry-level water for an optimal irrigation strategy

  • Administer the right concentrations and ratios of nutrients

  • Determine the time at which watering takes place

  • Recirculate and discharge water safely and optimal close the water cycle

Water means life; the right composition of water at the right time means a healthy crop. This has a direct effect on the financial health of your company. In an environment where healthy growth - of your crop and your company - takes center stage, it is important that the (various) water flows are optimally controlled, and that the correct quantities of fertilizers are administered at the same time. Priva supplies automated watering systems that allow you to efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water and to recirculate it safely.

Priva Water Management Program
Priva Water Management Program


Responsible and economical water management starts with the correct pre-treatment of water. Everything that can be done at the entry level does not need to be handled and corrected afterwards at the nursery. Therefore, it is important that entering water is free of organisms to ensure better disease control and reduce bicarbonates for a stable pH at your crop.

Surface water disinfection with UV light

UV disinfection systems destroy all existing organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses in the irrigation water. The system can be applied for both new entry water and recycled drain water.

Stable pH with bicarbonate removal

When using ground-, river- and drinking water, an excessive concentration of bicarbonates may be present in the supply water. This influences the pH of your fertilizer dosing unit and the pH at the location of the drippers may rise substantially. Bicarbonate reduction helps to achieve a stable pH. 


You want to be able to administer the right concentrations and ratios of nutrients to achieve growth. Whatever the needs of your crops, fertilizer dosing must be flexible and reliable. Priva manages this with stable EC and pH controls. At the correct pH the plants absorb the fertilizers effectively and a stable EC ensures better growth of your crop and a longer shelf-life in the supply chain.


With Priva's sophisticated irrigation monitoring system, you know the exact drain percentage and even have the plant itself determine the time at which watering takes place. The result: a healthy root system with a higher yield. Essentially, watering is tuned to the growing circumstances, the state of the crop and the type of substrate.

Post-treatment and drain water recycling

The drain water is collected, filtered and then stored in the ‘dirty’ drain water basin. As a precautionary measure, the drain water is then disinfected by the UV disinfection systems. This allows continuous recirculation of irrigation water in a safe way. As a result, expensive fertilizers are not flushed down the drain and do not contaminate the environment.

A sustainable environment with healthy surface water is becoming more and more important. Laws and regulations demand the treatment of effluent water before it is discharged to surface waters or the sewage system. You can treat this water to break down more than 95% of crop protection agents.

The EC pre-mixing allows you to reuse the drain water to the greatest possible extent; this is mixed with the necessary ratio of fresh water before fertilizers are added.