• Increased water and fertilizer efficiency

  • Increased production and quality

  • Increased labor performance

Buyers all over the world are looking for high quality berries with the best taste and a long shelf life. At the same time, resources are scarce and expensive. How to get the most out of the varieties you grow? And how to use valuable resources like labor, water and fertilizer as effectively as possible?
Now you can focus on your core business and use our solutions to achieve your ambitions.

Water Solutions

You want to make sure the plant always gets exactly the right amount of water and fertilizer at the right time. Priva’s accurate sensors enables you to take into account the needs of the plant when it comes to irrigation and wireless sensors can also be used as input for your irrigation strategy. Priva's fertigation solutions control the EC and pH of your irrigation water very precisely. This supports optimal crop and fruit development. Our high-quality components guarantee a long operational life and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Labor and production solutions

Maintaining an overview of the number of crops, activities, hours and performance by staff is important for increasing labor performance. After all, labor costs are a large share of overall production costs. Our management information solution provides insight into the activities of your labor force, helping you increase your span of control. With our solution, your team supervisors register labor activity and quantity of harvested crop in a user-friendly app. Afterwards, the data can be uploaded and used to generate clear reports almost instantly. The logged data can also be used for other administrative purposes, such as your wage administration system.


Priva supports Soft Fruit businesses with knowledge and technology. Besides delivering high quality solutions, we are involved closely with our customers and their needs. From ambition to design, to implementation, operation and support; we share our knowledge throughout the process. Growers can focus on their core business and use our solutions to achieve any ambition.

Consultancy during design and operational phase

Many growers and retailers are widening their perspective. They are not just looking for technical products but want to know which technological solutions can contribute to a better yield for their customers and the consumer. Priva's expertise during the design phase contributes to solutions that support a constant product quality or for example water savings.

Together with our partners, we design installations in such a way that they are tailored to your crop, cultivation system, and local circumstances. During the operational phase Priva consultants can advise you with optimizing your irrigation strategy or growing climate.

Technical training and support

Training and support are particularly important to Priva's total customer-oriented service. Priva specialists can help you with all your horticultural questions. They offer technical support for installation and maintenance. Our main purpose is to create the best growing conditions at the lowest cost.