• A unique comfort experience for everyone

  • The desired climate achieved with ease – anytime and place

  • Less energy consumption and lower installation costs

The areas in your building are often used in different ways, through which the comfort experience may differ. Meeting rooms require a different climate control to office areas or public spaces and training rooms, and need a different temperature level to a gym. The differences for users of hospitals and hotels are even greater.

Individual comfort 

This is why our solutions offer you control of the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and sun protection for each area. By linking your installations to our control system, you can set the desired climate, simply and even individually for each space, with ease at any moment of the day.

Even in times of organizational changes, you can simply reorganize the individual settings without disruption. Complex and expensive changes to the installation are not necessary. The result: more individual comfort, less energy consumption and lower installation costs.

Area control

Our area control system allows users to set their own optimal climate themselves. Whether it concerns work and accommodation areas in office buildings, educational or health care facilities, hotels, student flats or penal institutions; individual climate wishes simply become reality with this made-to-measure solution. Climate control gets really personal this way.