• Concrete performance indicators to measure performance

  • Online applications: able to login anytime and anywhere

  • Fewer comfort complaints, substantial energy savings

Research by research institutes TNO and Halmos has shown that 70% of climate installations in buildings in the Netherlands do not perform optimally. Installations use too much energy and there are plenty of problems regarding comfort. The most prevalent cause: too little attention for performances during the maintenance and control phase; often the result of the complexity of the installations and a lack of resources when it comes to the cooperation between the owner of the building and the service organization.

What you need to be able to use your installations optimally, is clear information about the performances and concrete performance indicators (CPIs) which enable you to measure the performances. We offer you a graphic and extremely user-friendly interface through which you have insight into the performances of your building anytime and anywhere; and we formulate your CPIs together with you.

In this way, you can make comparisons between, for example, the expected indoor temperature in a month’s time and the actual indoor temperature. It also enables you to take immediate action in case there are any deviations. The result: fewer comfort complaints and a substantial energy saving of between 20 to 30%.

Energy management 

Energy management is more topical than ever. Companies want to save on energy, and are obliged to by increasingly stricter legislation. We offer the first fully integrated system for building and energy management which visualizes all the energy flows within your building. In this way, you have an overview, at any time and place, of your energy consumption and are able to manage it as efficiently as possible. Now and in the future.

Performance of installations

Experience shows that installations decrease in quality in their operational phase. Even when the installation was set for optimal use at the start, the performances decline over time. If this is not monitored well, it will only be noticed when the installation no longer performs optimally. We help you to get your installation to perform as it should by making it as easy as possible to measure your performances. Our tool makes it possible to measure and manage the discussion between you, as building manager, and your maintenance provider.  This measure allows you to see precisely how your installation is performing; what needs to be changed, and the effect of these changes. This substantially eases the cooperation with your maintenance provider.

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