• Constant healthy and comfortable indoor climate

  • Energy and cost saving systems

  • Constant insight into installation performances

Your building management system is the brain of your building. The site from which all technical functions that ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate are controlled. Whether it is an office building, school, hospital or museum, you want to know if the brain of your building is working, and you want to manage it efficiently.

The Priva building management system gives you control and constant insight into the performances of your installations through a user-friendly working environment, at any time or place. From now on, you will know how your installations are performing through a transparent and simple control system.

What is unique about our solutions is that they can be linked to any brand or type of field apparatus. We offer extensive integration options so that integration with the systems of other parties is also possible. This offers installation convenience, even with renovations, gives flexibility for additional options, and facilitates maintenance. Moreover, we always make the building information available to the end-user. In this way, you are never bound to a single maintenance provider during operation.

Building management systems 

For a comfortable indoor climate, it is important that you can put your trust blindly in your building management system. You can do so with Priva Blue ID. Never before were convenience, speed and reliability so visible as in this generation of Priva management systems: The Priva Blue ID. Thanks to the great flexibility of Priva Blue ID, the system is suitable for application in the most diverse types of buildings. Priva Blue ID supports all phases of the lifecycle of a building; design, implementation and use. Using the different user-friendly interfaces, you as building manager always have the optimal tools available with which to control, regulate and optimize the technical installations of your building. The Priva Blue ID S-line is designed for projects that require the maximum flexibility, extension options and uptime. The C-line is a more compact and versatile version and extremely suitable for smaller projects and smaller control panels within medium size projects.


With our operating displays, you control and change the settings for your installations simply at various locations of your building. Think of a display at reception, for example, with which your receptionist can operate a simple version of the building management system to make direct adjustments in response to complaints. A display for your maintenance provider is also possible, or a display in a specific area through which users are able to control the temperature, sun protection, light and a beamer. Our displays guarantee a great deal convenience: you can use one display to manage the whole building.


The conditions in and around your building influence the indoor climate. Our functional sensors help to produce an optimal climate and save energy. We have sensors available that analyze external weather conditions and sensors that measure the conditions in your building, such as room temperature and air quality. By linking the sensors to your installation, it carries out tasks such as sun protection and light automatically. It is important that you can rely on the accuracy of your sensors, because the performance of your building management system depends on them to large extent. Our sensors have therefore been tested extensively so that they comply with high quality tests.