Priva Vialux

Priva Vialux-Line

Affordable water disinfection with UV light for any horticulture company: that is what the Priva Vialux-Line stands for. With UV disinfection, significant improvements can be realized regarding to disease control and efficient water use. Discharge water can be treated safely. The Vialux Line is easy to operate, offers clear insight and is ready for the future. The systems are certified and provide 99,9% disinfection and at least 95% degradation of crop protection agents.
  • Low investment and long lifespan

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Insight in the treatment process, anytime, anywhere

  • Expandable and modular system

Healthy water for an optimal cultivation

The Priva Vialux-Line UV disinfection systems destroy all existing organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses, but also crop protection agents like Admire and Trinitec. The system can be applied for both new entry water, recycled drain and discharge water. UV disinfection allows continuous recirculation of irrigation water in a safe way. As a result, expensive fertilizers are not flushed down the drain and do not contaminate the environment. 

 Made to match your business size

The Priva Vialux lets you disinfect both large and small quantities of water. The Vialux M-Line series stands for a new generation of UV disinfection, based on mid-pressure UV which is unique in the market. The modular system can be customized to meet your company's needs. Depending on the scale of operation, two, four, six or eight UV disinfection chambers can be installed. The Vialux HD-UV series is based on high pressure UV with a single exposure chamber where all the monitoring is taking place. The Vialux E-Line can be used for the treatment of discharge water, as a system or as hybrid solution with the E-line module. This module can be adjusted to almost every Vialux. The Vialux E-Line monitors the volume that has to be discharged.

All series can be operated as a stand-alone system via onboard controls or integrated as a sub-station of your (greenhouse) process automation system. 

Easy to install and maintain

The design of both systems is very simple to make installation and maintenance as easy as possible. Minimum maintenance of the Vialux HD-UV needs to be carried out because of the single exposure chamber. The Vialux M-Line is especially designed that replacement of UV lamp, quartz tube and UV sensor can be done yourself, using a step by step illustrated manual; saving maintenance costs and downtime of your system.

Process control and safety

The Vialux is fully automated and protected. At every system start, the UV transmittance of the process water will be measured to define the exact settings for the disinfection process.

This ensures that all harmful organisms are broken down without wasting energy through overcapacity. The temperature of the water remains virtually unchanged during the process, and the composition of nutrients and pH level are untouched. The system is protected in many ways: against lamp failure, overheating, dry run, surges, lows in the power network and more.

Connection to your process automation system

If you have a Priva Connext process automation system, the Vialux can be operated by this system. Priva Office Direct or onboard controls will give insight in your operation and advise you when maintenance should be executed. When connected to another brand of process computer, the computer can tell the Vialux when to start or stop working.

Short payback time

The Priva Vialux offers the lowest energy costs per disinfected cubic meter water, compared to other UV technologies. Through the reuse of water, you can realize substantial savings on water and fertilizers. In most situations, the Priva Vialux has a payback time of less than three years.

Priva Vialux-Line advantages

Protect your crop
  • against germs like viruses, bacteria and fungi by disinfecting surface and drain water
Realize savings
  • by reusing drain water and fertilizers with lowest costs per m³ disinfected water
Meet with regulations and consumer demands
  • ensure the water quality in your greenhouse for safe and healthy produce
  • prevent water discharge
Be flexible and future proof
  • scalable and expandable systems for each scale of operation
  • wide range of operation in terms of UV transmittance disinfection degree and volumes
  • designed to make installation and maintenance as easy as possible

Vialux-Line options

Hydrogen peroxide dosing

UV light and hydrogen peroxide complement each other, leading to better results for longer recirculation of water. Advanced oxidation with hydrogen peroxide removes growth inhibiting factors and crop protection agents, leading to cleaner waste water before discharge. It also helps to keep dripping lines cleaner.


Proper pre-filtration is the basis for long, trouble-free use of Vialux. Removing solid parts bigger than 25 microns is necessary, because germs can hide behind them making disinfection impossible. Filters smaller than 25 microns cause unnecessary flushing, energy loss and require more maintenance.
In addition, pre-filtration protects the Vialux against clogging.

Two pre-filtration possibilities are offered for the Priva Vialux:

  • Automatic Screen Filtration 
    The automatic screen filter can directly be connected to the Vialux. Screen filters are known for their low maintenance, small water consumption, and reliability. They assure optimal filtering during the disinfection process. In addition, the automatic screen filter can be cleaned during operation.
  • Sand filter connections
    The Vialux can be equipped with connections to easily instal a sand filter. The sand filter itself is not included.

The Vialux E-Line has the advantage that no backwash water is created and that the system operates without pressure. This saves you energy cost of the pump.