Priva Top Integration makes all of your building systems visible on one easy-to-read dashboard. A single screen reveals knowledge about climate control, lighting, energy management, security, fire safety and more at a glance. Top Integration is one of the first integration platforms in the world to be certified as BACnet Advanced Workstation Software (B-AWS) and as an OPC UA server/client.
  • One easy-to-read dashboard

  • Immediate insight into the situation

  • Integration of all building-related systems

Using Priva Top Integration, all systems can be operated from a central point, with all system alerts housed in one location. With a single mouse-click, you can zoom in on each system to find out more detail. This gives you an immediate insight into the full-site situation, enabling you to take action quickly and decisively.

Complex building management made simple

Priva Top Integration offers possibilities for integration of complex building management systems. It offers a solution for projects that cover several locations or buildings, or projects in which indoor climate control plays an essential role, such as hospitals, universities, offices and data centers. The Top Integration platform is suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects. It makes it possible to phase in the replacement of systems without disrupting day-to-day activities.

Key features

  • Integration of all building-related systems, such as climate control (including Priva Top Control), security, camera images, fire alarms etc.
  • Overview of all alerts relating to errors or irregularities
  • Central storage, reporting and analysis of data from various systems
  • Online access and management
  • 2D and 3D visualizations of buildings and systems

Open standards

Top Integration is a fully open system, in accordance with the Priva philosophy. It uses open standards, such as BACnet, OPC UA, SNMP and Classic OPC. Systems from almost any supplier can be integrated and there are no technical barriers to expand or modify projects. Because Priva works with an Approved Partner Network of certified integration partners, you are not dependent on a single supplier.

Customized for your needs

Top Integration can be customized for each specific user. 'Role-based log-in' means you only see the information you need. For instance, the doorman can control the access doors and monitor them using security camera images on his screen. Meanwhile, the building manager sees the status of the buffers for heat and cold storage and the air conditioning system. The software also allows you to create 2D and 3D visualizations of buildings and systems for intuitive, straightforward control.

Total flexibility

Top Integration is extremely flexible and offers plenty of scope for modifications and additional features. It is an ideal platform for projects in which further growth and changes are anticipated. Top Integration can be accessed online for modifications and maintenance.

Quality and security

Top Integration meets internationally-recognized quality guidelines, including those of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This makes Top Integration well-suited for applications in operating theatres, laboratories, pharmacies and the food industry.

Other technical specifications

  • Use of open standards, such as BACnet, OPC UA, SNMP and Classic OPC
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and supports any browser using HTML5 technology
  • Can be used in VMware environments
  • 64-bit application.

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