Not all equipment can withstand the circumstances to which technical installations in a building are exposed. Certain processes in a building demand the application of a powerful platform, including an industrial PC. Industrial PCs are, however, not always suited to the circumstances in which they find themselves. Priva took this into account when developing the Priva SX100 as an industrial Windows 7PC, ensuring that it has the right features and can be applied in many ways.
  • Very long lifespan

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Very strong storage medium

The Priva SX100 can be used for various purposes in the building management system, for example:

  • Storage of historical trends from the Priva Blue ID system, by supporting TC History (Proxy) and TC LAN Manager (providing these applications are version 8.x or higher)
  • PC client for energy displays
  • Hosting Priva TC Manager for application in combinations of Priva Blue ID and Compri HX
  • Everything that an industrial PC is needed for

Very long lifespan: MTBF 158.137 hours

That is three times the average lifespan of a PC and even longer than the average economic lifespan of a building management system. This PC can therefore be used for the entire lifespan of the installation.

Resistant to high temperatures

Equipment in the switch box gives off heat. Most industrial PCs cannot cope with this and become defective, with the risk of data loss as a result. The SX100 is built to be placed in the switch box, without risk of overheating.

Solid state drive (SSD): very strong storage medium

Data is constantly stored and modified on the PC. This demands a lot from your memory card. The SX100 has a solid state drive, that has a long life compared to other types of memory cards, partly because there are no mechanical parts, such as flash memory.

Watchdog timer

When your PC which is closed in a switch box crashes, starting it up manually is often a problem. The Priva SX100 has a watchdog timer that monitors the software components and ensures an automatic restart if this is necessary.