The outside and inside conditions of a building influence its indoor climate. Your building management system uses data from sensors to anticipate and respond to these influences and keeps the indoor climate at the desired comfort level. This requires the data from sensors to be reliable. But is it? We believe you should be able to rely on the quality of the data from your sensors.
  • Fast, accurate and user-friendly

  • Long-term stability

  • One-stop-shopping

  • Electronics protected from mechanical damage

  • Considerable energy savings

That is why Priva offers a wide range of sensors that are essential for creating an optimum climate. From now on, you can rely on the data your sensors provide. From temperature to CO2 and from occupancy to pressure. Our sensors have been tested to the limit to make sure they meet the high standards we set for the quality of the sensors themselves and the reliability of the data they provide. With our sensors, you can be sure that your systems use the correct data for controlling the comfort of your building.

On top of this, you will find everything you need for your building management system in one place. A single point of contact for your orders, deliveries and invoices. Now you can focus on creating the best possible climate for your building and we’ll take care of reliable tools to support you.

Types of sensors

The types of sensors that Priva offers, are:

  • Temperature
  • CO2
  • Relative humidity
  • Light intensity
  • Occupancy
  • Pressure
  • Condensation

Integrating every aspect of building management

Every Priva sensor is fast, accurate, user-friendly and functional. An additional and important advantage is their ability to integrate with the process computer Priva Blue ID C-line and S-line and the link to Priva Top Control and control modules. Complete integration of all climate aspects both outside and inside your building helps you save costs and increase the energy performance of your building(s).