For many years, controlling crop growth in greenhouses has been carried out with the same traditional methods. The ambient climate of the crop is monitored closely, and if the situation calls for it, a specific action is then applied. With Priva TopCrop Monitor, Priva is introducing an intelligent solution based on what is happening in the plant, rather than in the crop environment.

For you as a grower, the advantage of this new method is that you no longer need to base your cultivation actions solely on analysis of the environmental factors for your crop. Thanks to Priva TopCrop Monitor, you can have a continuous picture of what is actually happening in the plant.

This direct feedback gives you greater control over crop activity and the development of the crop, which ultimately results in a higher yield.

  • Not the crop environment, but the plant itself as the starting point

  • Visualization of crop activity

  • Linking controls to measurements

  • Expert and committed support to help you get started

Analysis of plant transpiration

Priva TopCrop Monitor visualizes crop activity based on an analysis of plant transpiration. A plant temperature sensor measures the temperature of the crop and then plots it against the temperature in the greenhouse. This produces a reliable representation of crop activity.

Insight into crop activity

To provide comprehensive insight into the activity of the crop, Priva has developed a user-friendly crop activity scale running from 0 to 100. At 0, the crop is very passive and the plant is transpiring very little, if at all. The result is a generative crop. At 100, on the other hand, all the energy is being converted into transpiration and the crop is vegetative. At around 50, there is a balance between transpiration and rise in temperature.

Linking controls to measurements

Priva TopCrop Monitor gives growers like you a new control instrument for regulating your settings even more effectively. For the best results, it is important to first carry out measurements for a period of time and to carefully analyze the TopCrop Monitor graphs. In this way, you can make connections between specific actions and an increase or decrease in crop activity. Based on this insight, you can link controls to the measurements, such as increasing ventilation a little if the graph shows that the crop is becoming too inactive.

Reliable support

Priva TopCrop Monitor consists of three components: the Priva TopCrop control module (software), the Priva Plant Temperature Sensor (infrared camera) and the Priva Measuring Box, which is already in use at many greenhouse horticulture companies. Priva TopCrop Monitor works in conjunction with the Priva Connext process computer and is available from the Connext 906 software release onwards.

If you decide to work with Priva TopCrop Monitor, you can count on expert and committed support to help get you started.

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