When you have a profitable growing operation, it's getting more and more important to grow more efficiently, use water and energy optimally and produce vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely. To realize this, it is necessary to use the right technology. Priva Compass takes the crop as the starting point and will guide you towards an optimal crop control. With this affordable process computer, you will have a user-friendly and sustainable solution to perfectly control your cultivation. Choosing Priva Compass, is choosing for precision, quality and a total solution
  • The crop as the starting point

  • Modular design: easy to adapt to your needs

  • Hightech, yet affordable

  • Operable from any device via the Cloud

  • Clear dashboards with great ease of use

Your crop, your strategy

Your productivity depends on the optimum balance of every process in your business. From cultivation to harvest, from water management to creating the right climate. Based on your crop and desired growing strategy, your Priva Compass will be tailored to meet your requirements. Priva Compass will guide you, enabling you to choose the best options for today and remain flexible to help you grow for tomorrow. No complex or unnecessary controls, just an easy and intuitive tool, allowing you to stay focused and be in charge.

With Priva Compass you are in control of three different areas: photosynthesis, climate and irrigation. With the irrigation modules, you can adjust the right amount of water at the right time, to the perfect combination for your crop. No more dehydration or poor root development.With the climate modules, you can simply control and optimize temperature, air humidity and airflow. Now your crop can develop itself optimally with minimal risks of diseases. The photosynthesis modules allows you to control and optimize light and CO2 so you will have the right balance in your photosynthesis process. This results in a higher quality of your crop and a higher yield.

Themes Priva compass

The right level of precision

For every crop zone and every theme, you can select basic or advanced modules, enabling the system to grow with your ambitions. 

Water and energy are scarce, but necessary for your growing operation. Those resources are being supplied from the technical room. With Priva Compass, you can control your water systems and boilers with minimal use of those natural resources. This is not only sustainable, but will also save you a lot of money. For these rooms you can also select basic or advanced modules. You can simply upgrade from basic to advanced control whenever your operating situation requires it.

Whether you need basic irrigation, a fully integrated system or if you wish to control multiple zones, Priva Compass offers you a future-proof solution. Of course, we will only charge you for the control you choose.

Intuitive dashboards

Priva Compass is operated by Priva Compass Operator, an intuitive web-based application that enables you to control your cultivation processes on any device with a web browser. The system can be operated locally or via the Cloud. Whichever device you use, you will always have insight into your operation in the form of a clearly laid-out dashboard. Your dashboards show you the information that is most relevant to you in a clean and simple layout. Thanks to the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, it only takes a glance to see the status of the various components of your system, including the components that may need adjusting. The dashboards gives you control over all the parts connected to your installation, leaving you in charge of your processes at all times. Easy to understand, predefined graphs and meters help you to analyze your processes when you need them.

Easy installation

Your Priva system can be installed quickly and smoothly with the easy setup web application. If your installer is connected to the Compass system via a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the web application can be used directly.  The installation process starts with an easy step-by-step plan using visual overviews that help the installer configure the system. This easy to understand process ensures that the system will be installed quickly and correctly. Once the installation is complete, a visual overview of the connected systems and sensors can be generated from the web application for easy and error-free maintenance. 

Priva quality and service

The Priva Compass system consists of robust industrial components that have been tested to the extreme and that have proven their reliability. Priva Compass systems come with a standard two-year warranty. Your local installer can help you with installation, service and maintenance, but of course, our worldwide Priva Partner network is also happy to assist. Our Priva Helpdesk is on hand to answer any of your questions.