The Comforte CX makes it easy to turn individual climate requirements into reality. The Comforte CX is a compact, multifunctional room controller for working areas and accommodations in office buildings, educational institutions, care establishments, hotels, student flats and penal institutions. When combined with different IO modules and application software, you can create a customized work environment, making climate management a personal matter.
  • Turn individual climate requirements into reality

  • Create a customized work environment

  • Ensure great individual comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower installation costs

Integrated modules

The Comforte CX features a modular structure, comprising a basic module, power-supply module and various output modules for heating, cooling and ventilation. However, the key strength of the Comforte CX is its ability to integrate with lighting and sun blinds. This ensures greater individual comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower installation and engineering costs.

The Comforte CX software also features a modular structure which offers numerous control strategies, including induction, variable air volume units, fan-coil units, underfloor heating, chilled ceilings and climate ceilings. The control strategies and operating software for the Comforte CX line is programmed, configured and maintained with Priva Top Control.

Flexible on every floor

In addition to its modular structure, the key benefit of the Comforte CX is that modifications to the floor and room lay-out in buildings can be implemented quickly and easily. In the different software, individual room controllers are clustered. This way, the disciplines climate, lighting and blinds control are linked and can be modified through Priva Top Control without the need of new infrastructure. This avoids complex and expensive infrastructure changes.

Integration at your fingertips

The operation of heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and sun blinds is also integrated into the Comset CX, making it possible to operate the entire Comforte CX line from a single unit. The Comset CX is equipped with an LCD screen, temperature sensor and push-buttons with flexible key layout. This allows the Comset CX to be adjusted to the specific requirements of the user and the room, making energy management even easier.