Priva BI Metrics is Priva's cloud service that ensures optimal use of the installations in buildings, using the building management system. The service helps organizations to deliver a better performing HVAC installation after the commissioning phase and enables them to maintain this optimum performance throughout the life of the building.
  • Clear insight into performance of installations

  • Visualization of problem areas using simple dashboards

  • Cloud service through annual subscription

Does this sound familiar? That could be true, because under the working name Priva DiagnosTX, the service was nominated for a VSK Award in February 2016. Today, the service is available under the name official name: Priva BI Metrics.

Targeted preventive maintenance

The cloud service analyses a large amount of data, comprehensively showing the service organizations the parts of the installation that do not perform optimally. This makes targeted (preventive) maintenance possible, only in those places where it is needed.

Reporting to building owners

Priva BI Metrics is especially designed for service organizations. The tool enables them to differentiate and build better, more constructive and value-driven relationships with building owners and managers, along with new types of contracts. BI Metrics offers a reporting feature that allows the service organizations to involve building owners in performing sustainable maintenance in a better way.

As a building owner or manager you can, of course, also use the tool to optimize the performance of your buildings in conjunction with your service organization.

Energy and travel expense savings

BI Metrics provides energy savings while maintaining comfort. In addition, there are substantial potential savings on travel expenses by the service organization, because the tool can be used remotely via the cloud and the service organization only needs to be on site when it is strictly necessary.

Efficiency at low investment cost

BI Metrics requires no additional sensors. The data from the (existing) building management system is sufficient. The current version of BI Metrics supports Priva Blue ID systems. In the future, BI Metrics will become brand independent. It is set up and configured quickly and easily. BI Metrics is a solution that is suitable not only for large buildings (with high energy bills that need to finance this effort), but also for smaller buildings.

The pilot showed that the return on investment of Priva BI Metrics is less than one year, without taking the proceeds from the (partly) realized comfort improvements into account.

The ability to compare certain building performances of different buildings objectively leads to greater awareness, which contributes to a reduction in energy consumption.

Focus on the right things

By creating financial space for the end user to perform sustainable management and maintenance, service organizations and consultants are enabled to make continuous adjustments and improvements to the installation. The tool ensures that the installation always gets the right attention; attention in order to avoid performance problems, rather than having to solve them.


This product is based on an idea by Ed Rooijakkers of Halmos Consultants. The idea has been further developed and extensively field tested in co-creation with end users and maintenance parties.

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