You want full control and knowledge of what is developing in your greenhouse; the Priva Maximizer allows every grower or greenhouse manager to view, manipulate, modify and make decisions in real time on factors influencing their greenhouse climate, irrigation and heat management operations.
The Priva Maximizer is a state-of-the-art integrated process control management system that provides precise information and manages practices in your greenhouse; from the humidity, to vents, air circulation, and lighting.
  • Full control and knowledge of development in your greenhouse

  • In multiple growing zones

  • Pre-programmed system is up and running in no time

  • Easy upgrade to Priva Connext

Integrated Environmental Control

As a grower, you need the easiest-to-use control systems available to ensure your greenhouse is providing the best growing conditions and optimizing plant quality. You also want to save on water, energy and fertilizer with an integrated, cost-effective system. The Priva Maximizer allows growers to collect a variety of information and streamline the data into an easy to read process computer. The software allows you to control and optimize various equipment in your greenhouse.

The Priva Maximizer also gives you an entire ready-to-use, flexible system with pre-installed software; saving money, time and troubleshooting. Priva Maximizer users benefit from the pre-programmed system, which can be up and running within a few days.

Complete Management

Priva Maximizer gives you control over the climate and irrigation in multiple growing zones. The Maximizer can work with input sensors inside and outside as well as integrate all equipment in the growing zones for a total climate and irrigation management system at your fingertips.

The Priva Maximizer calculates the amount of heating, cooling and irrigation required, achieving the grower's desired set points. The system continually monitors inside and outdoor temperatures and conditions to adjust all growing equipment to maintain your desired growing temperatures.

The Priva Maximizer can also be easily upgraded to the Priva Connext, allowing you to plan for future growth and expansion when required.

Multiple Maximizers equals maximum control

Any grower can utilize more than one Priva Maximizer connected to a PC running Priva Office Direct. This setup gives you remote access to the system to monitor the data. Each Maximizer can also be operated from the keypad and display mounted on each system. Software modules can be extended in the Maximizer, allowing extra zones to be added with ease.

Advantages of the Priva Maximizer

  • Software is pre-installed in every Maximizer
  • Priva Maximizers can be customized to any greenhouse size
  • Gives the grower an enhanced return on investment as it is a cost-effective method for controlling any greenhouse
  • Can be easily upgraded to the more comprehensive system, Priva Connext
  • Provides complete management of the greenhouse system
  • Allows for planning future growth and adding multiple Maximizers at any time
  • Controls up to four zones with one Maximizer and up to 40 zones on one network
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