Priva FS Performance is a practical system that allows all of your company data to be easily collected and processed into easy-to-read and comparable information, such as graphs and charts for quick analysis. As a manager, you can have real-time insight and overview of progress. And you can easily view critical business processes.

  • Reduce labor costs

  • Lower administrative burden

  • Improve quality of work and harvest

  • Motivate employees

  • Optimize Labor Scheduling

  • More accurate production forecast

The continuity of your business depends on strategic choices and performance of your processes. To gain insight into your business, you can use programs to manually track business functions, but it can be so much easier than manual tracking and documenting. Priva FS Performance offers a comprehensive solution for large and smaller horticultural companies. The new program is the result of years of experience, and presents all processes, production and labor information in a clear dashboard overview.

Priva FS Performance information is quickly and easily accessible. You and your team can look at the same data and derived information. In a few glances, you can make comparisons between crops, departments and even different locations. In this way you attain maximum performance from your production, labor and equipment.

Useful FS Performance features include:

  • Control, correction and validation; this state-of-the-art error detection function traces incorrect inputs by employees. A deviating value directly results in a warning and a logical solution proposal, which you can use to correct issues quickly.
  • Central entry and management of master data; it covers all the data relating to employees, actions, locations and units. This reduces the risk of input errors and confusion.
  • Flexible reporting; the ability to gain insight, quickly and easily, into operational, tactical and strategic levels of the company.
  • One portal; providing access to all Priva FS programs and modules. The Priva FS Performance portal provides real-time insight into what's happening at all your connected locations via the FS Dashboard.

You can now have registration of cultivation and harvest results, recording and analyses of labor and production and the retrieval of reports for management in one single package.

Priva FS Performance can be expanded with several modules, such as FS Harvest Forecast, FS Labor Planning and FS Crop Registration. There is also the ability to easily link with your (Priva) process computer and, for instance, with your sorting and packaging lines for additional benefits.

Priva FS Performance is the next step in the optimization of your company.