New Software Release Priva Connext 908 and Priva Office Direct 9

The annual software update of the Private Connext process computer is now available. This update mainly reflects recent technical developments and changing user needs. In addition to new functionalities, the update also includes important innovations in the areas of stability and security, which ensure that the software meets the changing demands of today’s world. The 2017 software release for your Priva Connext contains a number of important, cutting edge innovations.
  • Irrigation based on PAR sensor, “own influences” and more periods

  • Ventilation above the curtain and drying position for curtains

  • Flexibility for energy curtains

  • Improved insight into the power and calculations for the heating program

  • Immediate draining of ebb and flood floors in event of malfunction

More Options for Irrigation Strategy

One of the most essential elements in attaining a healthy, high-performing crop is irrigation. This is often seen as something that is completely under control, but nothing could be further from the truth. The availability of water to the crop is a key factor in the complete moisture balance of the crop, so there is still much to be gained through irrigation. In order to get the most out of the irrigation strategy, it is now possible to set the strategy based on a PAR sensor, add own influences and, for maximum flexibility, eight periods are now available.

Developments Based on Next Generation Greenhouse Cultivation

Several innovations have been implemented based on the insights from Next Generation Greenhouse Cultivation. For example, you now have the ability to ventilate above the curtain, to keep the greenhouse climate homogeneous and constant while also saving energy. In addition, it is possible to set the curtains at a drying position. This way you not only prevent water droplets on your crop but also that your canvas is folded up wet. This prevents green deposits on the curtain, so it will last longer. 
Additional functionality has also been added in the correction program. This gives you even greater flexibility to accommodate special conditions in your cultivation. New features in the energy curtain program allow you to better accommodate local conditions within your greenhouse. 

A summary of the latest improvements is shown below. More background information about these innovations can be found in this brochure.

  • Expansion of irrigation program to eight periods
  • Irrigation on PAR sum option added
  • Option to set own influences in the radiation sum start and irrigation quantity
  • Ventilation above the curtain
  • Curtain drying
  • Meteorological influences in the energy curtain program adjustable per section
  • Six delays available in energy curtain program, with the ability to set dead zones and deviation sums
  • Correction programs now have six periods
  • Control based on plant temperature possible within the daily temperature control
  • Improved insight into the power and calculations for the heating program
  • Maximum boiler power manually adjustable
  • Outside enthalpy and inside/outside enthalpy difference are shown per section
  • Immediate draining of ebb and flood floors in event of malfunction
  • Vialux flow control improved
  •  Stability improvement and maintenance
  • New module: Vialux E-Line control
  • New module: addition of Universal Influences

 Priva Office Direct 9 and Priva Office Direct 9 Enterprise

Horticulture companies are getting ever larger and ever more complex, so they are adding more and more users to the Priva Office Direct package. As this use grows, you will also require a powerful operating solution for your process computer. In order to respond to this need, we are introducing Priva Office Direct 9, which supports a maximum of five CPCs. In addition, we are now also offering Priva Office Direct 9 Enterprise, which supports up to ten CPCs. The improvement will mainly be noticed in terms of performance: charts load faster, copying settings is quicker and reports are generated more quickly. In short, the speed and stability of the package have been vastly improved. This makes it more enjoyable to use, day in, day out.

The most important improvements found in Priva Office Direct 9 are:

  • Ability to add autonomies to user profiles
  • Ability to filter chart lines
  • Improvement of alarm page and the link with third parties
  • Rainfall radar module expanded to include global coverage