User-friendly operation is crucial for getting the best possible results from a building control system. Both at central level and in the form of a smart local operation of rooms and control panels. As a next generation building control system, Priva Blue ID is therefore also equipped with a state-of-the-art Touchpoint.
  • Control your room or panel in a very intuitive manner

  • Optimum design and user-friendly

  • Speed and ease

High widescreen resolution

Thanks to its beautiful 7" touchscreen with high widescreen resolution (800x480 pixels), the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint is not only extremely robust, but has an attractive design. Its capacitive screen allows you to operate a room or control panel in a very intuitive manner. You can navigate with ease through the operating elements by swiping. Clear icons ensure that you can see at a glance what functions you are dealing with. In other words: building control by intuition. All with an optimum design.

Speed and ease

All you need to be able to use a Touchpoint is a Power over Ethernet connection. As soon as the Ethernet cable has been attached between the system and the Touchpoint, the various available operating forms appear automatically on screen, after authentication.

Because the Priva Blue ID Touchpoint is an IP device, it can be connected anywhere within the network and then used for operating project-wide. In other words, speed and ease at their best.

Configuring your own operating scenarios

Every room requires a specific operating scenario. While in a meeting room it may be sufficient to operate only the lights and the heating, in a showroom or a demonstration room, for instance, you may also want to be able to operate the sun blinds. With a single touch on the touchscreen, you can make sure that everything is ready for your important presentation, in just a few seconds.

The Priva Blue ID Touchpoint offers you maximum flexibility. Using TC Manager, building managers can configure all the scenarios they need on the Touchpoint. Thanks to the integration of clear templates in the user interface, you do not need to call on the assistance of your contractor.

User interface for room control

The building manager can adjust the room control of the Priva Blue ID TouchPoint simply via TC Manager and can determine what information he wishes to make visible, without having to call a contractor. A building manager or installer can use templates to compile and adjust various useful scenes for the Priva Blue ID TouchPoint, such as a ‘presentation’ scene in which the lights are dimmed, the beamer turned on, and the projection screen lowered.

User interface and building control

The relatively simple interface is especially suitable for small-scale installations, especially in buildings in which the daily management of the building is the responsibility of a staff member for whom it is an additional task. They will often have only limited technical knowledge of the setup. With this interface, non-technical building managers are able to ensure a comfortable and healthy climate in their building in a simple way. Only the necessary functions for the daily control of the building, such as the climate and lighting in the general rooms of the building, are visible on the interface.

User interface for installation control

With this interface (technical) Priva Blue ID TouchPoint installation users have direct access to the switchbox and the technical information of every controller in the system. For the service technicians, this interface offers all the functions they need to operate the controllers on location.