For a comfortable indoor climate it is important that you can trust your building management system blindly. The Priva Blue ID hardware plays an important role in this. The robustness of the components, the quality materials and the meticulous production in the Netherlands guarantee maximum reliability and continuity.
  • Immune to disruptions

  • Maximum operational reliability

  • Communication always remains intact

  • Secure data storage

Maximum flexibility and uptime

The system consists of a base with individual functional modules. All the business-critical components can be found in the modules and can be switched while connected. The cabling takes place at the base. This construction ensures maximum operational reliability. A fault in a module is limited to that specific part of the system. The base remains connected to the current and the communication remains intact. This gives you the guarantee that no domino-effect occurs in the system. Especially in environments with critical processes, such as hospitals or a clean room, this is of vital importance.

Savings through renovation

The Blue ID SN3t network module is equipped with a Priva 2-wire. This technology which has been developed by Priva makes it possible to make almost any twisted-pair cable suitable for IP-communication. You can achieve great savings through renovation, because existing two-wire cabling can be utilized.

Secure data storage

The project database is stored on a SD-card that can be placed in the controller. This means that all the desired information is always at hand. Because the project software is your property, you are totally independent when it comes to your choice of a Priva Partner for service and maintenance of your installation.

Independent of field equipment

Our users value their independence. This is why Priva Blue ID works independently of field equipment. This allows the right file equipment to be adjusted for each project. And with renovation projects, the existing field equipment and cabling can be reused. The extensive range of fieldbus protocols allows for serial linking of equipment.

BACnet certification

The Priva Blue ID C4 controllers have been successfully tested for their conformity with the BACnet standard at the BIG-EU approved and accredited test laboratory and have been certified by the European certification body.

Prepared for the Internet of Things

The message traffic within Priva Blue ID is fully based on IP-technology. This makes it possible to always access Priva Blue ID locally and via the internet. This can be done in combination with cloud technology or via a secured connection such as VPN. Priva Blue ID controllers have an integrated network module which makes various Ethernet ports available as infrastructure for this IP-communication.