The Priva Blue ID C-line consists of a series of compact, state-of-the-art but affordable HVAC-controllers that are eminently suitable for smaller projects and smaller panels within big projects. The Priva Blue ID C-line is ideal for primary schools, smaller office blocks and projects with many various locations such as shops and district heating, that wish to improve the climate control and save energy at the same time.
  • Powerful and compact state-of-the-art controllers

  • Competitively priced

  • Energy efficient

  • Safe data storage

Compact and energy efficient

The smart hardware design makes the C-line very compact so that it can be placed both horizontally and vertically. This makes the C-line suitable for renovation and for installation in electrical panels where there is limited space. The low voltage makes the modules extra energy efficient.

Simplicity through integration

The total product line consists of only four modules and each module is available in two versions, with or without manual control:

  • C4 controller
  • Mixed I/O module
  • Universal input module
  • Relay output module

This makes the system clear and easy to install and put into operation.

The main controller has everything needed for a small project, including a powerful microprocessor, a combination of various inputs and outputs and integrated webserver and four Ethernet ports with switch functionality. Depending on the project requirements, this can be extended with a mixed I/O module, universal input module and/or relay output module.

Because the power supply can be used with alternating current as well as direct current, the existing circuit can always be used.

Safe data storage

The project database is stored on a SD-card that can be placed in the controller. In this way, all the desired information is always close at hand. Because the project software is your property, you are totally independent when it comes to the option of a Priva Partner for service and maintenance for your installation.

Independent of field equipment

Our users value their independence. This is why Priva Blue ID is independent of field equipment. This allows the right field equipment to be applied for each project. This also means that existing field equipment and cabling can be reused. The extensive range of fieldbus protocols allows for serial linking of equipment.

BACnet certification

The Priva Blue ID C4 controllers have been successfully tested for their conformity with the BACnet standard at the BIG-EU approved and accredited test laboratory and have been certified by the European certification body.

Prepared for the Internet of Things

The message traffic within Priva Blue ID is fully based on IP-technology. This makes it possible to always access Priva Blue ID locally and via the internet. This can be done in combination with cloud technology or via a secured connection such as VPN. Priva Blue ID controllers have an integrated network module which makes various Ethernet ports available as infrastructure for this IP-communication.