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Vegetable cultivation: always in balance

The cultivation of fruiting vegetables requires the maintenance of a constant balance between current and future production. Between vegetative and generative control. There are significant differences among growers in terms of approach, production and quality. For this reason, maximum flexibility is required to enable growers to control the greenhouse climate and water dosage in their own way. Priva offers every possible option for this.

Maintaining the balance in the crop is the greatest challenge facing growers of fruiting vegetables. They can exercise a high level of control using crop labor, climate and water dosage, but the skill is to balance short-term goals with a longer-term outlook. If they want to go to market with their product early in the season, this should not be at the expense of the crop structure. At any given moment, the plant load should be such that the crop will not be depleted by a sudden peak in production.

Climate strategy

The set-up graphs in the Priva software make it easy for growers to enter a climate strategy. They simply drag the line in the graph to the desired levels and the computer calculates the associated settings, no matter how complex the strategy may be. It is also easy to enter requirements for a specific situation, for instance a maximum vent limitation for a specific wind speed. Growers can easily monitor on screen whether the desired strategy is actually being achieved.

Integrated solutions

The fully integrated horticultural automation offered by Priva means that vegetable growers will have all the processes and settings within the company at their fingertips. All the equipment in the greenhouse thus works together to achieve the optimum situation for the crop:air vents, heating, screens, assimilation lighting, CO2 dosage, ventilation, water dosage, misting, cooling. This total solution allows climate management, energy management and water management to be harmonized at all times, producing an optimum greenhouse climate with the minimum consumption of energy and the maximum reuse of water.

The automation contains all sorts of clever tricks especially designed for vegetable cultivation. For example, there is a separate crop change setting. After choosing this setting, growers will have nothing else to worry about and will no longer be surprised by all kinds of irrelevant alarms going off. The central shading curtain strategy is also extremely useful. This prevents the shading curtain in a compartment from reacting too quickly to the opening of a curtain is in another compartment, thus changing the climate. The root optimizer has been developed for optimum irrigation. Based on a weight and drain measurement, intelligent software is used to tailor the water dosage to the needs of the crop.  

Registration of all data

FS Performance is an indispensable system for business owners who wish to link labor performance, production data and quality by location (for instance a path). It enables them to take the right management decisions, based on up-to-date figures. In all Priva systems, ease of use is paramount. The computer can do a lot of things, but operating it is not difficult. Furthermore, Priva provides optimum after-sales support and service. 

Yield and Costs

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