• Continuous monitoring of systems performance

  • Individual climate control for each room

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Building comfort, energy savings and sustainability. 

In rapidly changing times, you are faced with the challenge of achieving a sustainable building with an optimum working climate for the lowest possible operating costs. Legislation continues to impose ever stricter requirements and individual building users also expect more. Technology can also do more these days but that is sometimes accompanied by an increasing complexity of installations and systems. How do you achieve building comfort, energy savings and sustainability, while keeping the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your building management as low as possible?

High-value technology, easy to use

When people feel good and work in a pleasant environment, they also perform better. Comfort and a healthy indoor climate are therefore of great importance in an office building. With our sustainable solutions, you can easily adjust the building control so that it is precisely tailored to the use and requirements of your building.

By linking the various systems to our central controller, you can individually set the desired or required climate in each room with ease of use and at any time of the day.

Fits flexibly into your building

Because the climate control is linked to security systems, flexible work stations, access systems and cleaning contracts, you can easily control the settings for temperature, lighting, humidity and CO2 content in each room. Even when organizational changes are made, you can easily reassign the individual controls.

This linking of climate management to an optimum working environment results in greater productivity and lower operational costs. In addition, you can easily link our systems to other building management systems that may already be present.

Continuous monitoring and optimization

We are familiar with the applicable legislation and regulations and know what is required for sustainability certifications such as BREEAM. We can provide you with expert advice in this area. And once the systems have been commissioned, we will also continuously monitor their performance for you.

Is the comfort level good? Are the systems running optimally? What is the energy use? Could maintenance be more efficient and cheaper? We will give you insight into this 24/7 and advise you, if desired, of possible improvements. This allows you to make considerable savings and keep control of the Total Cost of Ownership of your building management.

Like to know more?

Our solutions are now used in 1 in 3 non-residential buildings in the Netherlands and international clients are also increasingly opting for our sustainable products. We are very proud of that, and it encourages us to continue innovating. We would be delighted to take a look at what we can do for you.