• Comfort control combined with the hotels booking system

  • Individual climate control for each room

  • Prevention of legionella

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Comfortable stay with care for safety and environment

Hotels and hotel chains are increasingly paying attention to the sustainability of their activities. This is combined with the twin challenges of achieving an optimum occupancy rate whilst ensuring the comfort and safety of hotel guests. A building management system which integrates seamlessly with standard and specific systems and applications in the hotel is indispensable, as is useful management information that can assist with control and adjustment where necessary. Priva solutions link every system, which makes the building management of hotels highly organised.

Comfort control combined with the hotels booking system

Hotels are increasingly able to set desired room climate conditions on the basis of the hotel booking system. When guests arrive, room lights, curtains etc. are set to the desired comfort level, sometimes by the guests themselves. Priva has the ideal solution for every option, to help to make your guests feel welcome and to achieve optimum levels of comfort and ease of operation.

Energy savings

By linking the hotel booking system to the comfort control in hotels, you can conserve energy quite easily. Rooms which are not occupied simply remain in a low-energy state. If the room has been booked, the climate will enter a pre-comfort state, and on the guest's arrival, a comfort state. This helps to achieve real savings.

Legionella and Green Key

Safety in hotels involves the prevention of legionella. By linking showers and the heating system to Priva solutions, you can receive a warning as soon as an unusual reading is detected. This warning will indicate the risk of infection and gives you the opportunity to respond appropriately.

And as the international Green Key hallmark guarantees your guests a comfortable stay whilst taking care of the environment, linking your hotel booking system to Priva solutions is a logical choice. At Priva, care for the climate and comfort for your guests go hand in hand. We do not develop technology for its own sake, but technology for people. And that includes future generations.

Lower total cost of ownership

The total cost of ownership of a hotel is often significant. However, Priva’s advanced and ‘open’ technology makes a sizeable contribution to lowering this cost. Simply integrating the booking system with the room-heating functions, for example, can deliver impressive savings. Combine this with the control of tap-water temperature and the air conditioning systems and the overall savings will be quite significant.

Who’s next?

Many hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland and Dubai are already seeing the benefits of Priva’s intelligent control technology. These hotels comprise of, among others, luxury hotels such as the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh, the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, the Kurhaus in The Hague-Scheveningen, the Millennium Hotel and Premier Travel Inn in Dubai, several Hilton and NH hotels and hotel chains, such as the Accor Group, Starwood, Eden-group, CitizenM and Bastion hotels.